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Austin has 300 days of sunshine per year and a temperate climate. Its weather doesn't normally see huge extremes, although the change between hot and cold or dry and wet happen so quickly that it can seem like an extreme change. Although the summers can get hot and stay hot for weeks on end, it is normally pleasant and comfortable.

  Average Monthly Temperatures
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    * Temperate, Humid Subtropical: Mild winters; hot summers
    * Average: 69 degrees Fahrenheit
    * Average Low: 58
    * Average High: 79
    * Average Annual Rainfall: 32.1"
    * Average Days of Sunshine: 300 or so (includes partly cloudy)
    * Major Austin Weather Hazards: Flash Flooding; Summer Heat; Lightning;

Hot Days

    * Average # of Days Above 90 degrees: 111
    * Summer 2000 had 41 days at or above 100 degrees
    * 100 plus days generally occur in June, July, and August but have occurred as  
       early as May and as late as October  
    * Average # of Days Above 80 degrees: 198

Cold Days

    * Average # of Days Below 45 degrees: 88
    * Average # of Days Below 32 degrees (freezing): 19
    * Average Annual Snowfall: 0" (rarely snows)

Austin Weather Records

    * Highest Recorded Temperature: 112 degrees on September 5, 2000
    * Lowest Recorded Temperature: -2 on January 31, 1949
    * Longest Dry Spell: 65 days in 1993
    * Most Rain in 24-hr period: 19.03 inches September 9-10, 1921
    * Snowfall Record: 9.7 inches on November 11, 1937
    * White Christmas: Since 1926 there has been no snow on Christmas Day or  
       Christmas Eve  
    * Most recent significant snowfall: February 14, 2004; gone by noon
    * Tornado: Last one in Austin and Travis County was May 27, 1997; Although
       tornados are not  rare in Central Texas, they are rare in Austin

Source for the information above:  U.S. National Climatic Data Center

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Jacqueline Wittmuss, Broker
JW Properties
Jacqueline Wittmuss, Broker
JW Properties
Ph: 512.892.4663Fax:512.892.4680
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